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8th Sept, didn't think I would be doing an Osprey diary 7 given the date and the fact the resident Osprey was on his own, however he is still there and the frustration "cranky" nest he was rebuilding looks to have been abandoned and rightly, it's already about to slip off the tree without a winter gale. So, the bold guy has been building himself another frustration nest in the navigation pole he did not use last time! When I arrived he was on the navigation pole without the nest and was eating, when I left he was still there,…

Sep 3rd by Ian under Bird Watching

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2/9/18, spotted swallows on the phone lines, very rare occurrence, then in the garden could see the cause, hundreds of swallows and martins feeding and migrating. I did have a flying ant land on me so suspect there was a hatch of them, the sky was partly black with low cloud  the wind was moderate and it was about 19 degrees C. The martins were feeding above the swallows but partly mixing as well. Took a good 30/40 mins to swirl past and I guess end up roosting in the Tay reedbeds. Witnessed this before but less birds and more…

Sep 1st by Ian under Bird Watching

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Its coming, Autumn with fantastic colours, drops in temperature (boilers back on) and what happened yesterday on the last day in August, a robin declaring proprietary presence with it's winter song  between my garden and next doors. I note that across the view from our bedroom window the starlings only had one brood, and I have not had one cheeping juv blackbird in the garden. In some years you can count the broods they have from the garden juv feeding, end of April, May and June. Swift nestbox/brick remains unused but hopeful for 2019, they must have seen it from…
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