Sep 1st by Ian under Bird Watching

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Its coming, Autumn with fantastic colours, drops in temperature (boilers back on) and what happened yesterday on the last day in August, a robin declaring proprietary presence with it's winter songĀ  between my garden and next doors. I note that across the view from our bedroom window the starlings only had one brood, and I have not had one cheeping juv blackbird in the garden. In some years you can count the broods they have from the garden juv feeding, end of April, May and June. Swift nestbox/brick remains unused but hopeful for 2019, they must have seen it from swift activity around that area. Swallows and martins pass through the autumn sky and the grey geese will arrive soon enough to declare winters coming. Happy birthday yesterday to my son of 37 years who created this blog, I am reading blackbird diaries on my kindle, great book celebrating the seasons, meditative.

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