8th Sept, didn't think I would be doing an Osprey diary 7 given the date and the fact the resident Osprey was on his own, however he is still there and the frustration "cranky" nest he was rebuilding looks to have been abandoned and rightly, it's already about to slip off the tree without a winter gale. So, the bold guy has been building himself another frustration nest in the navigation pole he did not use last time! When I arrived he was on the navigation pole without the nest and was eating, when I left he was still there, so I tried to rationalise what was behind his behaviour. He has an existing eyrie but wants to build another? is this just frustration at a failed mating or does the existing nest have eggs, broken eggs or a dead female in it? If I had a drone I would find out. Why is he still here? well I have an hypothesis for this and not just questions; he is waiting for migration to finish so he has the best chance for a unattached breeding female to "lock" into the site and it's territory owner, that's a spring activity but is it an exclusive spring activity? Or is it simply everything is late this year hence he is still here or not having a grown up family to watch leave he is not sure when to go? Didn't expect to see a marsh harrier either, suspect it was a juvenile as no pale forewing, hunting over the reedbeds, no wing tags, love to watch them just brilliant birds. Expecting to see; little egret, nuthatch Canada geese were 80+ in number well in view when I arrived and not in view when I left, so if I had arrived at my leaving time there would have been no Canada geese to report, Note to self; spend more time in the field and vary arrival time in the field. Never heard a single song bird just a buzzard who objected to me being there, cows raised their heads, gazed briefly through long eyelashes and went back to converting cellulose to milk and meat.

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