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Dec 14th by Ian under Materials and Construction

Well if it is I would like you to listen to the link below http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/console/p00c4pmk/The_Climate_Connection_The_Climate_Connection_2010_Debate_Whats_Stopping_Us…
Just a chance remark on the opinion that the poor will lose due to climate change, brought a response from a colleague that it might be the case but it is evolution. It might be evolution but it is not nature's evolution, it is enhanced fast track evolution that has no predicable outcome. That's the point, what if the climate change moves the gulf stream south? It has happened in the past, perhaps we will be joining the poor of the planet like in Bangladesh, in India waiting for a monsoon that comes irregularly and with more force, in sub-Sahara…
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