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Sep 28th by Ian under Bird Watching

I was working late today the 28th September, and stopped at the Sainsbury's store in Kinross, it was dusk, about 7.00PM and rain clouds further darkened the sky. As I parked there were skeins of pinkfeet calling and heading for loch Leven, some 700 / 800 in view at a time, I was in the store for about 20mins, and when I came out they were still flying over ! OK it could have been the same ones having done a circle, but I doubt it, they knew were to go. Wish I could take tomorrow off and be at…

Sep 20th by Ian under Bird Watching

Swallows and martins usually overlap the geese by a week or two here in Tayside, I have been expecting geese since Wednesday 15th, due to the favourable winds. It wasn't until the 18th I heard and saw a small flock of greylag geese flying over the house. Big skeins to follow, swallows and martins are still here but patchy, no longer lined up on the wires but feeding and moving south. I now look forward to crisp autumn days at Loch Leven, where I line up my imaginary gun to real cormorants, wonder what they taste like? Can't be worse…
Loch Leven, Pinkfeet

Loch Leven, Pinkfeet

Readers of this site may be excused for considering this site to be personal moan blog. Perhaps it is the things that irk that are highest on the agenda, does good news sell newspapers? Well it did the other day with the successful rescue of all passengers from the airline that ditched in the Hudson river, a very rare circumstance. Geese and engines don't mix too well. Wonder how they will exercise control over that incident. Bet the geese are the losers. Loch leven near me is a wildlife haven, particularly for geese in winter. I had…
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