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Sep 28th by Ian under Bird Watching

I was working late today the 28th September, and stopped at the Sainsbury's store in Kinross, it was dusk, about 7.00PM and rain clouds further darkened the sky. As I parked there were skeins of pinkfeet calling and heading for loch Leven, some 700 / 800 in view at a time, I was in the store for about 20mins, and when I came out they were still flying over ! OK it could have been the same ones having done a circle, but I doubt it, they knew were to go. Wish I could take tomorrow off and be at…

Dec 12th by Ian under Bird Watching

I have now stayed around Perth for 34 years, in that time the Magpie population has increased hugely where they were resident, Glasgow, Dundee etc. I used to see an odd magpie flying across the M90 motorway at Kelty 30 years ago, it is the same today. Now here's the point, why are there no magpies in Perth making a success of town living as other populations do? I am sure people may know of an odd pair in the outskirts, but I have never seen a magpie in Perth. As a boy magpies around Eaglesham were rare country birds…
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