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Mar 20th by Ian under Miscellaneous

On my post "Oman;  real place in the sun", I mention the jail, we here's the tale: I reckon it was a set up, however I reacted the wrong way. This is what happened, in Oman you can obtain a liquor license linked to your salary. I was well paid and could never drink my allowance, so I bought booze in moderate amounts for my staff. The Indian ones, the Pakistanis true to their faith did not drink. Yeh I know there are many Indian Muslims but none were in my staff. Anyway, the monthly trip to the booze shop…
I like Oman, and it's people, even though when I had to leave within a month when my work permit was not granted, I had 5mins left on my visit visa, at the airport, Mr jobs worth said, your lucky, another five mins and we would have to jail you. Back to Dubai I went. I was subsequently jailed, but that's another story. Anyway I loved Oman, real people, real links to the history of their land, settled they were. I could sense the difference between Dubai, Saudi, Bahrain, and Oman, settled, the folks there had been there a while…
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