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Aug 20th by Ian under Bird Watching


20/8 /2017, not knowing if the ospreys had moved on south I went at what I thought was low tide as the juvs often mess around on the river. Stupidly 12.30 was high tide not low tide! however the juvs were on the eyrie, one on the perch and one on the nest, the perch one pictured here is I believe a male and the perch is usually occupied by the larger female who tried and succeeded once to dislodge him. He however got back first to the perch and remained there. The other two pictures are…

Apr 5th by Ian under Bird Watching

5th April and it rained all day yesterday and before then we had southerly gales so when I got out today I was hopeful of Ospreys between showers. But first on the eye menu was a dark marsh harrier, first inclination it was the female I saw a few days before, this bird was hunting by quartering so I got a good look at her/him. Well I convinced myself it was a dark male as the contrast on the upper wing was evident, the black primaries, the paler main wing and the very definite chestnut of the forewing, it also…
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