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Apr 3rd by Ian under Bird Watching

After watching a wet F1 qualifying, I went to see if "my" Ospreys were back. They were, well one was, one on the nest and looking all around, alert, I imagined she / heĀ  was looking around for the return of the mate from west Africa. Happened the Osprey was a she, and she was waiting for the return of the male with fish. He did, a paltry quarter of a once large rainbow trout, and she had to call call call, but still he only relinquished the small portion when she ducked her head under him…

Mar 28th by Ian under Bird Watching

Having heard the Loch of the Lowes Osprey was back I went to have a look to see if "mine" was back, no joy, but it's early yet. The birds will have a bit of gardening to do as the nest has a dome of long grass occupying the cup area. I had visited last week as well and spotted a white Fallow deer in a scrape, in a field of sheep, it was a good kilometre away and was unaware of me and was seemingly at peace. This week the local farmer had his sheep in…
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